• New / Additional Jacks, Outlets & Phone wiring
  • Wiring Repair
  • Home Computer Networking
  • Computer Outlets
  • Cable Installation
  • Inside Wiring Repair / Replacement
  • Phone Jack Repair
  • Telephone Line Repair
  • Inside Telephone Wiring Diagnosis
  • Install Telephone Jacks
  • Isolate trouble past D-Mark¬†¬†(Wiring, Equipment or Programming)
  • Prewire New Homes
  • Move Service to Different Apartment in Same Building
  • Wire Maintenance Plan
  • Obtain Your Century Link Service Through “Quad J”
Need additional phone jacks?

Need a new telephone number or line?

Need a new phone line, outlet, or jack?

Need service to your inside telephone wiring?

Need a company who does telephone installations?

Need a network or phone outlet for your computer?

Need voice or data wiring, jacks, outlets, lines, drops?

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